Why we team up 
the community.

If we are to extend our contribution beyond appearance, then we need to keep learning with new competencies by sharing our ideas with people around. Competencies that enable us to contribute to every stage of the design process. We need to analyse and translate intangible insights into concrete concepts we can effort fully and effectively.
Designers must develop their knowledge of many different fields; from science, technology and society to the economy, the environment and politics. We do not have to become experts in those fields, but we should be more than just aware of them.

We are right here to share and learn all kind of ideas and thoughts regarding our projects, design methodologies and processes.
What we believe 
in industrial design.

We believe industrial design is very interesting profession. We are not artists, though we are artistic. We are not inventors, though we are inventive. And we are not engineers, though we bring a deep technical understanding to our work. We are not marketers, though the best of us propose concepts that lead the mega trends and market. Working freelance or in-house, industrial designer marry art and science to improve the look, feel, and function of chairs, environments, cars, mobile phones and even corporate logos.

"Good industrial designer makes a thing look good, and great industrial designer builds a relationship between an object and its user."
Design is team sports.
Let us share ideas and do collaborate on weekends!

We are based in Shenzhen, China.
We started our design community with clear goal that is to share our experience and stories with people here in Shenzhen where everything could happen, to expand and make better values into local.

We are international.
We have international background and been doing variety of priceless projects with exceptional people at DJI, Microsoft, Electrolux, JBL, Samsung, LG, Vtech and Lotte from US, China, Europe, hongkong and South Korea.

We are an award-winning design community.


Community Members

Jaewan Jeong
Industrial Designer

DJI  2016-Present / Lead Industrial Designer
Electrolux 2013-2016 / Industrial Designer
Vtech 2012-2013 / Industrial Designer
LG 2011 / Industrial Design Intern
Pantech 2009-2010 / Sky Designer's Community 7th
Samsung 2009 / Industrial Design Intern


IFA 2019 / Berlin, Germany
CES Show 2017 / Las Vegas, USA
NAB Show 2017 / Las Vegas, USA
CES Show 2016 / Las Vegas, USA
IFA 2015 / Berlin, Germany
CES Show 2012/ Las Vegas, USA
Seoul Design Fair 2010 / Seoul, Korea
Jinwon Yook
Industrial Designer

Microsoft   2018-Present / Senior Industrial Designer
Harman 2016-2018 / Headphones Lead Industrial Designer
Lotte 2015-2016 / Visual Merchandiser
Vtech 2013-2016 / Industrial Designer
Fusion Design 2012 / Industrial Design Intern
I&RND Center 2011 / Industrial Design Intern


CES Show 2019 / Las Vegas, USA
CES Show 2018/ Las Vegas, USA
CES Show 2017/ Las Vegas, USA
Hongkong Electronic Fair 2016 / Hongkong
Hongkong Electronic Fair 2015 / Hongkong