Puerto Rico

Electrolux 2015
Industrial Design
Designed by Jaewan Jeong
Grind & Brew Coffee Machine
for Expressionist Collection
All IP is belong to Electrolux
Puerto Rico

Electrolux 2015
Industrial Design
Designed by Jaewan Jeong

All IP is belong to Electrolux
Interesting Insight

I have studied all kinds of different place-of-origin coffee beans and find out that each bean has different oxidation rate. According to the data, I have made proper angle for the coffee bean container that reduce the risk that beans sticked on the container which is crucial for the taste.

UI & UX Flow Study

As a specialist of user experience, I was working closely together with UI designer Hugo Gnadeberg in Sweden. And we prepared 3 different UI flow concepts and UI Layout design for control panel.

Attribute Profile Analysis

Prepared many rounds of presentation to persuade PM to get better design and user experience such as getting enough angle for the bean container, easy to access the water tank and coffee bean container. I had to do the analysis based on Attribute Profile.

Design Process


To design a Grind & Brew coffee machine for the global market which can be positioned in the high essential range by aligning Expressionist Collection design language.

Expressionist Visual Brand Language

The Joggle

We used an identified shape that people can recognize and used it consistently across the family. It carries the brand and bonds the range togehter.


The Slant

It is the empathic value of our brand translated into product. It also visually continues the tilt theme in the lower tier of our portfolio and differentiates us from competition.


True to Material

Stainless steel wraps with folded top edge to simulate increased material thickness.


Squircle to Circle

Simple form transitions with sophisticated surfacing. Tampered look adding stability and perceived product weight.

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